Guidelines for responsible gaming

Our Approach

Mindbrotherz OÜ aims to bring private players together for poker evenings. We clearly distance ourselves from illegal gambling practices and any game that includes a a bet/ante. For your protection, we advise following these guidelines:

Our measures

Age Limit
Registration from our platform/app requires a minimum age of 18 years, we ask for the date of birth of users when registering and align our marketing activities exclusively to adult users.
If you display any symptoms of gambling addiction, we strongly advise you seek professional help immediately. We offer you the option of blocking your access forever or for a period of your choosing. Just send us an email to
No use of money or property
We aim for games whose interests are motivated by fun not monetary gain. As such, we have integrated various mechanisms to prevent the inclusion of money or assets. Each participant of a poker evening must explicitly confirm they are not playing for money or prizes. Hosts who unlawfully allow such behaviour or require buy ins or deal prizes, will be blocked immediately.

Contact Point for help

A joint project between the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), the State Office for Gambling Addiction of Bavaria and the State Coordination Office for Gambling Addiction NRW, provides contact points for help and further information about gambling addiction. This can all be found at