Poker Rules by Pokerbuddyz

(1) Respectful interaction

(2) No one will be put down why he plays this hand or played it like that etc.

(3) In case of escalation or disagreement, the host always has the final word.

(4) At the showdown, both cards are revealed (instant)

(5) The "aggressor" (who bet first) shows his hand first.

(6) 1 chip is only one call (unless it is announced as a "raise")

(7) No String Bet (the chips are placed into the pot with a hand movement)

(8) Nobody comments (possible) hands if that player is nothing in the hand himself

(9) The dealer takes care of the pot (exchanges the chips etc.)

(10) If the round is still running, nothing is said about folded hands (so as not to influence the game

(11) Nobody talks to anyone, every player is responsible for his own actions (e.g.: "He can't have anything, you have to call the all-in - he just bluffs!!!").

(12) The last aggressor shows both cards first at the showdown, they must be shown to win. If the opponent immediately throws into the muck, there is no showdown obligation.

(13) In all-in-call situations there is always a showdown obligation.

(14) No influence if you are not in the hand.